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Letra of the Year – 2008

01.02.2008 @ 11:16 PM in Lifestream
Beads of yemaya The new year marks the time when those in Santeria receive a reading for the new year, called a Letra. The Letra explains which saints are in ruling for the year, what things to look forward to, and most importantly, things to look out for. The most popular Letra comes from Cuba and is for everyone, and is taken up by a babalawo (Bah-Bah-Lao), who holds the highest rank of spiritual status in the religion. Some individual Santos houses also take up the Letra for themselves and their members, and Angel has been kind enough to share the Letra from his house, based in NYC. Before you read this, remember that a lot of this may be hard to understand if you are not in the religion, like me. However, there are a lot of good points and things to consider, and if nothing else, a great glimpse into a powerful religion full of mystery, ritual, and wonder.
  • This year marks the individual need to seek personal guidance and healing through ODU. Orunmila favored the need for each and every person to concern themselves with their own well being and to not generalize any longer. That each person, including all priests and aleyos (non-initiates) must have personal readings performed in order to get a clear understanding of the person's spiritual progress (or lack thereof) and to perform all Ebo as prescribed, and not to concern one's self with generalized readings that do not fully serve the individual or the family. Orunmila clearly states that each and every person must take personal responsibility for their own (and family) spiritual welfare and to take a new direction spiritually. This new direction is one that demands respect for the Hierarchical structure and one that demands that each and every person needs to concentrate first on the fundamental principles that Olodumare (God) has layed out for each and every one of us: This is called ODU.

Letra of the Year

  • Reiging Signs Ofun – Oggunda (10-3)
  • Reiging Saints: Oshun and Ogun
  • The saying goes: He who wants to know most, will tell all.
  • Orishas who give advice in this Letra are: Eleggua, Obatala, Ozain, Odduduwa, Oggun, Yewa, Oshun, Nana Buruku, Babalu Aye’ & Eggun.
  • There are times that you will feel paralyzed & you’ve felt like you have lost your position, money & health.

Positive Aspects:

This is a major Sign. But losing it’s position it went to be “tails”. It was transformed into the minor sign of the Oddu. If you have a great position, you must be clear in everything you do. So this Letra (Sign) can be stable. You must create your own Kingdom & rule it. If you abandon it, you will lose your position in life.
  • You should not drink alcoholic beverages.
  • You should receive Orunmila.
  • Don’t lend or give your things away.
  • Be cautious with your personal things.


In this Sign the female is sterile & she is a daughter of Obatala. She should do an Ebbo’ (cleansing) to have children. You should NOT argue over business because you will suffer & possible incarceration. The male should do an Ebbo’ (cleaning) so he can find an important position amongst other men. You will go through 3 big tests in your life, this year. At the end you will be compensated greatly but you need to do Ebbo’. So it won’t come in reverse. When you eat your food, you mush chew it thoroughly. Your libido will be very low. There will be passing of ones elders. A war will come to light. You will see everything in your dreams. Help as many women as you can. Careful with ponds & lakes. You must charge for every job or task that you do. If someone asks to send for you, don’t go until you do an Ebbo’.


  • Don’t argue with your elders. (Respect & more respect)
  • Keep the warmth in your house. (Stay home more often)
  • Keep your business to yourself. People don’t wish you well.
  • Treat your children better. So they don’t leave your house.
  • Spiritually cleanse your home with herbs to rid yourself of negativity.
  • Get a general examination.
  • Everything that you start, you must finish.
  • Careful with your temper.
  • Don’t hold anything in your home for anyone. You may be accused of something later on down the road.
  • Don’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t pertain to you.
  • Don’t eat out as often. Someone can put brujeria (powders) in your food.
  • Never suggest anyone to have an abortion.
  • Don’t be a slave to anyone.
  • Eat healthy. So you won’t have heart troubles later on.
  • Always make sure you know who you are making dealings with.

Sicknesses related to this Oddu’:

  • Impotence
  • Loss of memory
  • Insanity
  • Problems with the intestines & stomach
  • Paralysis
  • Prostate
  • Infertility
  • Loss of a limb due to a violent accident
  • Castration
  • Giving birth by cesarean
  • Venereal diseases
  • Erectile disfuction
  • If you have an Eleggua. Place a crown on him along with red, black & white beads.