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What the Hell happened?

12.21.2007 @ 9:15 AM in Lifestream
 fuck.jpg I fell off the map for a few days. It happens, I had it coming. I say "fell" because it wasn't intentional. First, the weekend blundered, Monday and Tuesday were consumed with social events that did no good but waste time and lower my immune system. Wednesday and Thursday were spent in bed with a fever, body fatigue and chills. But today is Friday. A good day, cause its the start of Christmas vacation! At work, nothing really gets done, i get lots of gaudy gifts and a popcorn tin, hopefully I won't be forced into wearing the elf suit again:

I hate getting sick, more so now because I've turned into a workaholic. I've managed to ignore every bit of christmas cheer up till now, and gifting has been nothing more than a nonchalant with-recipient after-purchase hand-off. Doesn't mean I don't care, I just don't care for the pomp this year. I don't have time. It's totally my fault and I'm sick because I forgot to relax this holiday season, and I should make the time. I'm not even going down to see my folks, we are postponing everything till February.