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Weekend Update in Photos

12.18.2007 @ 2:10 PM in Lifestream
Blogging was impossible last weekend. I don't get out much, but when I do, it seems to be a weekend of it. Gotta get it out of my system I suppose, so I can go back to the stodgy hermitesque lifestyle that so fits me currently. And by hermit, I mean denning up in the office, chained to my desk, watching xtube, working on projects, and blogging.Since I know homo's and blog readers alike enjoy shiny things, I've added a bunch of pictures to tell the story... bethmarkdunny.jpg
  • Ok, so Angel and I delivered the Ginger Dunny's Wednesday, but I wanted to post these anyways. Notice the uncanny likeness of Mark to a Dunny.
bethnate.jpg Beth snuck a little bite and she loved it. Too bad they weren't the gluten free, but oh wells. Angel did his gay part and made little bags for the cookies. Fucking fabuloso we are at times, Angel and I.


  • I'm a grandmother now, sorta. Brent (trying on the infamous Pink WhiteBoy Hoody) is my gay son. He just got his first puppy, a little Jack Russel bitch named Aubry. And since dogs are like kids to gays, this makes her my granddaughter. Oh, Brent is single, too. his email is here....
  • I had a new experience this week: a Santos Party. See, Angel is a Witch Doctor Santero, (ya know "I don't practice Santaria, I don't have a crystal ball....") and his friends' had their saints' birthday and we were invited to attend. All the food you see behind me was placed before the throne for blessing and later eatings by us followed by diabeetus.
  • This is a better shot of the throne, minus the Buffawhat. The urns you see are for the spirits that Angel's friends have received. Since they are are married and are doing this together, you see two of each spirit pot. It was an awesome party, you could really feel the presence of something there. I got my blessings, talked to a few of the spirits, and ate a lot of yummy food.
  • Angel on the left, his my mammi on the right.
  • Angel thinks I'm trying to steal his mom. He's right.
  • I've never worn a fitted cap before.. I think I look like K-fed.
  • My new Mammi is not to be messed with... she is Gangsta yo!
  • Later that evening... at the club.....
  • we ran into a mess.
  • And if you wonder why I rarely have pics of Grumpybear? It's because he makes stupid immature faces like this and hates to have his picture taken. I never get the happy couple shots, maybe because it just isn't so.


  • This commemorative Redskins authentic Zubaz pants belong to Grumpybear. This is the reason why we went shopping at the Niagara Falls Outlets with him. I took Angel along as a buffer to keep me from killing him. It turned out to be a good idea, as the beginning was really rough, but we managed to give him a few new looks. Don't expect pictures, he refused.
  •  The Nor'Easter? what nor'easter? Sure it snowed, but we had a jeep and the winds were manageable.
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