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Kidrobot: Dunny “I’m French” Series drops in February

12.13.2007 @ 9:00 AM in Lifestream


Since the Kidrobot forums are now cracking down on unofficial announcements, the leaked images of the new Dunny "I'm French" series are slowly creeping out to the blogosphere.  These images were supposedly uploaded to the wrong server by Kidrobot, and meant only as a sample for wholesalers.

French Dunny's

There really isn't too much known about this, except that The toys should be released in February, around Valentine's Day, and in the 3-inch variety. Oh, yea: all the designers are French.


He's cute ^




Beth, from that super little toy and poster shop on Allen was explaining to me how these things go from artist renderings like this off to custom mold makers and back and forth till they arrive at Hero waiting for my greedy consumption. I think I'm gonna research that a bit more and do a "How Dunny's Are Made" post. For, now, I quiver in deep anticipation for what looks like a killer follow up to a great Series 4.
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