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The Gingerbread Dunny Fiasco: Part Deux

12.12.2007 @ 11:56 AM in Lifestream
Sorry for the delay, a slight glitch in office the office tubes, and a trip to the YMCA prevented a same day update to part 1.

Of Grumpy Bears, Mummras, and Giant Black Hoovers

Mummra promised Saturday that we'd make the dough Sunday when I came over with the Grumpybear. We figured out the recipe and let the dough chill all day. I made the cutout for a six-inch Gingerdunny this time; even with perfect dough, they will spread, and I wanted to keep as much detail as I could. Gingerman Dunny mold Rolling and cutting was SO much easier this time.... keeping the poor cookies alive: not so easy. See, Marc -- Mummra's "it's complicated" man-slave companion -- likes to bring his two black labs over to hang out, too. We call them the Hoovers. They see food, its gone. Nailed down, no matter. The only way to keep them away is to literally put a wall or door between the Hoovers and the food. I'm sad to say about half of the batch was lost to the never ending gullets of these beasts. After everything was done, I had 10 Gingerman Dunny's safe and sound.

Success and the icing on the cake... er, Dunny

I met up with Angel on Monday and we started decorating. I was so excited, they came out so much better than I thought, and I think I have the first documented batch of Real Gingerman Dunny's to reveal: Real Gingerman Dunny's Take that AllthingsJen! Angel of course had to turn his into a GingerTranny, her name is Dunnicia, and her boyfriend is the best of the bunch donedunnys.jpg We even made the rare "bitten" chase: bitte_chase.jpg

What I've learned

  • Never trust designer fluff as fact. I should know this. Just because you see a cute little recipe for Gingerbread cookies that came with a toy doesn't mean you should follow it.
  • I really miss baking cookies.
  • Dogs are fucking annoyances when baking in the kitchen. Thats why cats are the rulzer.
Oh yea, one more thing. Here's a little homage we made to a great little video that NO ONE should ever watch. We call it: 2 fags, 1 cup..... 2 Fags 1 Cup
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