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Starbucks + (Christmas x Gay)= Totally Gay

12.05.2007 @ 10:36 AM in Lifestream
buxmas Part one of the homo-ness that has come to be expected of me and exerted upon my work population, almost per request, is my addiction to overpriced Starbucks items. I understand Starbucks does not neccesarily scream "fag!" but when you have a custom Starbucks flower arrangement, the rest falls into place. Made by someone I knew who combined his servitude to the *bucks with his previous career as a flower arranger, he only made a few of these to auction off. Mine was a "gift." The Starbucks Advent Calendar just seemed so commercially ridiculous and expensive that I had to have it. I go to a different staff member each day to let them open and take the truffle inside. buxmug Every season the mug of choice changes, and always from Starbucks. The mainstay mug is a 20oz paper cup replica, with my favorite drink recipe scribbled on the side. I had a bright summer mug, but one morning got the best of me before i could get my coffee and the mug shattered. I died a bit on the inside. Right now, I'm rockin the peppermint shorty. For Christ's sakes its only 16 ounces small and yet the cafeteria lady still bitches about how it holds a half pot of coffee... I've warned her I will break out the 24 ounce if she keeps it up. Now, if you look closely in that last picture, you notice that the actual coffee I drink? Its from Wilson farms. Its all about apearances, darling.