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Week-in-Review/ Weekend Forecast

09.16.2006 @ 2:00 AM in Lifestream
I guess the week wasn't so bad, but I feel like so much happened:
  • I was poor again this week, like 5 dollars stretched into days. I'm trying really hard to get out of debt, and in doing that, I'm neglecting to buy food. I have a tendancy to forget to take care of myself. All these goddamn bills don't help either. A hint: never merge your finances with any one... EVER. I wish I wasn't so naive before.
  • Switched to T-mobile today because Sprint was too expensive with the family plan I was stuck with. I'm paying about 100 a month for Sprint. Ouch. Switching to t-mobile for ~70 a month, which gets me 600 minutes, free nights and weekends, 1000 text/picture messages, equipment protection, and my wireless Internet account for the iBook. I hate having to kill a contract and sign another, but in the long run I'll save money. Plus I get to port my number. The phone isn't too bad for free:
Motorola v360
  • Thursday was the big ole auction/fundraiser for my agency. Held at Salvatore's Italian Garden Kitschfest, we raised about $95k. My job was to sit at a laptop and input all the bid information in our auction database. Crazy hectic with everyone needing all these reports at the same time I have to put the bid info in. I had a teammate at another laptop, so it went smoothly enough.
  • Skylar needed food, so I headed over to Animal Outfitters today. I've decided to get him a toy with every food purchase, and this time he got a catnip lemon; Omar always has the kookiest toys around. I told him that Skylar has been scratching his ear raw, from too much wax i guess. Omar gave me some samples of medicated q-tips to clean Skylar's ears with, and told me I could bring him in and he'd take a look if it didn't get better. He also gave me a number for a vet to take the puss to, just in case he ever needed it. On a sad note, one of Omar's feline companions passed away from kidney failure at 18 years. My sympathies go out to Omar and his wife. I don't know what I'd do if Skylar left me. Let's change the subject.
  • My secured entry to my floor is compromised due to the deadbolt being torn off. I have no idea how that happen, but I assure you tomorrow, Horizon Realty should be fixing it.
This weekend is going to be spent in 25 dollar increments, because my insurance card came. I'm getting my 25 dollar 3-month membership to the BAC and seeing the doctor ($25) for some checkups. Hopefully I'll get some allergy meds and crazy pills while I'm at it ($15+$10=$25). I need my crazy pills. Oh, and I'm getting drunk with the Starbuckers from Williamsville Place tonight. Brent's Carrie is going to Italy, so it's a farewell drunkfest I guess.