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Online Nickname Googles better than realname?

11.28.2007 @ 2:43 PM in Technology
buffawhat___Google_Image_Search1.jpg Asked a Slashdotter:
"I was recently laid off, and during several of the interviews looking for a new job as a mid level IT manager, I was asked "So, I can just Google your name and find some of your work?" The answer is "yes", but searching for my name doesn't really bring up many results compared to searching for my online nickname which I have been using for about a decade. I am very tempted just to put that nickname on my resume. Is the professional, albeit technical, world ready for this step? Where should I put it? At the top or somewhere in the body?"
I've thought about this from time to time. I hate to Google my real name because there is another Nathan Strang in the world and I don't like him or his piloting ways. Never met him and I don't care. He's all up in my search results, and he needs to quit. Google "Buffawhat" however and you get pretty much the same information, plus almost every social networking profile I participate in. Of course, minus the other Nathan Strang, because there is only one Buffawhat. Your online identity is becoming more and more unique and important as the web starts to tie up its loose ends and integration is becoming more complex. And as I let myself beknown around buffalo as "Buffawhat," I feel my name will soon become less relevant than my moniker. Any thoughts? how integral is your online identity to your real self?
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