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Lowly Shuffle takes the cake, iTunes7 becomes useful.

09.13.2006 @ 6:32 PM in Technology
raining nanos
It was raining iPods yesterday. Now it needs to rain money so I can go out and buy all these fabulous new metallic players. The 2ndGen Nanos were pretty sweet (I want a pink one), as were the juiced and reduced 5thGen Video/Game/Music iPod. But the proverbial cake was deftly snatched up by the 2ndGen iPod shuffle.
His Stevieness boasts it to be the world's smallest mp3 player, but what makes the shuffle so awesome is the features for the size. The old shuffle was plastic and lifeless, and the other iPods made fun of it for not having a dock. The 2ndGen 1gig shuffle grew up:
  • 1.07"H X 1.62"W, and even with the clip, its only .41" thick
  • anodized silver aluminum case, just like it's Nano brother
  • 1GB flash drive, holds 240 songs, and your data files, too.
  • Charges in 4 hours for a 12-hours playback time.
  • Comes with its own special dock and syncs/charges/plays via its stereo jack.
  • Costs only $79.00, and ships from the online Apple Store in October.
I'm really glad that I held out on buying a shuffle. Sure, I'd like a shiny pink Nano, but that shuffle sure is purty. iTunes7
With the announcement of $9.99 movie downloads ($14.99 for new releases), iTunes7 was a must upgrade. I felt spoiled with all the new features released; iTunes really feels like a unique program. First off, you notice that the sidebar rearranged, broken into sections like it should have been to start with. CoverFlow now allows you to graphically flip through your albums by artwork, which the iTS provides free if you have an account. The animations are smooth and scrolling feels natural. A few other great features are the ability to back up your music to disc, and print jewel case inserts and song/album lists. Video playback is also enhanced and helps iTunes grow into more of a media hub, instead of just a music jukebox.
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