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Dr. Blackman hates Microsoft Gays, rallies Christians

11.19.2007 @ 1:53 PM in Lifestream
"I am a black man with a righteous cause with a whole host of powerful white people behind me." [flv width="600" height="450"][/flv]
  • From the Telgraph: An advocate of a "biblical stance" against divorce and homosexuality, Mr Hutcherson, 55, is asking millions of evangelical activists, as well as Orthodox Jewish and other allies, to buy up Microsoft shares and demand a return to traditional values. Microsoft, he declares, will be just the first company targeted in an escalation of the culture wars between evangelicals and corporate America. "There are 256 Fortune 500 companies alone pouring millions upon millions of dollars into pushing the homosexual agenda," he told The Daily Telegraph. "I consider myself a warrior for Christ. Microsoft don't scare me. I got God with me.
Quoting the Gizmodo, "fuck this guy." Not cause he's black, not cause he's a pansy ex football player following the path of Reggie White (to the end perhaps?), its because it makes no sense. Who the fuck cares if a couple of Microhomos wanna get healthcare together and save money a couple of bucks? This is not worth wasting the money of your 3500 member church and all the other religious groups you are calling for help to change the stance of one of the biggest companies in the world. Leave the fags alone, how about you work on your brothers on the field who are fucking up left and right, and destroying whats left of the sanctity of marriage that you think is so great. Get your own heterosphere fixed first bucko! Fighting against the fags is a losing game now. Why don't you get this?