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Turkey Cannon not as fun as it sounds, but makes you respectable.

11.15.2007 @ 11:44 AM in Lifestream


With Thanksgiving only a week away, Camp Chef brings you yet another new-fangled turkey cooking device for you to get into an argument over with your mother-in-law. The $25 Turkey Cannon will not turn Thanksgiving into fast food (horrible pun, but works everytime). No, its a roasting stand with a speculum curved cylinder attached that you slide the poor bird over and stick in the oven. Oh, yea, you can fill the cylinder with beer, wine, booze, rubbing alcohol, ethyl alcohol, Aqua Dots, or anything else sufficient enough to help ease the pain of having your whole family in your house. I guess spices would work too, like Salvia, or oregeno. Once in the oven, little arrows surround the turkey and turn it beige... this has something to do with the liquid in the cylinder boiling and releasing flavored steam. turkey_cannon.jpg This is essentially a beefier version of the hick tested, Martha approved, Beer Butt Chicken. p.s. - catch my enthusiasm for Thanksgiving?