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Marvel puts old comics online, mylar and gloves not neccesary.

11.14.2007 @ 2:17 PM in Technology
Marvel_Digital_Comics.jpg Just yesterday, Marvel began putting their comics online, even the old ones that you would normally have to pony up top dollar for at a trade show or comic shop. The move was partly to gather more fans, since the younger population spends less time reading paper materials and more time browsing Myspace. Some of the older die-hard fans will be able to check out the origins of their favorite runs, with the original issues of Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, and others being posted for viewing. Price of admission into the digital comic store is 59.88 yearly, or 9.99 a month, and the catch is you can only view the issues online. Right now they have 2500 comics up with 20 more added each week. The financial impact on comic shops is unknown, but my guess is that people will still buy the real issues, but will appreciate getting to read the stories online.