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Social Networking will get you Every Time

11.14.2007 @ 9:39 AM in Lifestream
The email you send to your boss because you want to go to that awesome party that your stupid job would otherwise obstruct your attendance of: colvinemail1a.png The picture you upload to Facebook, because Facebook rules your life and demands that you do so: kevincolvin.jpg Then, because Facebook also rules the life of your coworkers, someone notices it and figures out that you really didn't have a family emergency. He shows your boss, who chuckles and sends you this reply, with condemning photo attached, and bcc'd to the entire office: colvinemail2.png Your coworker then, realizes that this is a blogging goldmine, sends this to valleywag, which results in the entire blogosphere reposting it and making you an example of how social networking destroys your privacy and the once foolproof "family emergency email." colvinemail3.png