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Water Pistol Umbrella will get you shot for real in Buffalo.

11.09.2007 @ 11:19 AM in Culture
umbrella_white.gif I was all for this umbrella in the beginning. Its super clever and innovative: water collects from a funnel in the top and drains down into a reservoir to provide steady ammo for the water pistol handle. Sounds like a great way to engage in a little sidewalk mischief during an afternoon shower. You stay dry, your victim gets it. One flaw: I don't know anyone in Buffalo who enjoys walking in a rainshower. Here, I swear it pours sideways. Umbrellas are kinda useless, and to top off your mood from being caught in a shower, some playful fellow goes "bang!" "bang!" with his cute little water pistol umbrella. I'll let you guess what happens to Mr. playful with the pistol umbrella. I guess in a more passive city (like Laredo, TX?), it might work. Either way, this is a cool design, and t should be made with the quickness.. just maybe not for sale in Buffalo, eh? A1wet.jpg