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Sleevage: coverart is cool, someone should blog about it.

11.09.2007 @ 10:23 AM in Culture
I don't buy Cd's, I've gone all digital as of two years ago (I actually do buy my mp3's, about 80%. The rest are bootleg remixes and undeground stuff).However, once in a while I'll go nostalgic and pick up one of those cd-majiggers based on one thing: the cover art or packaging is cool. I think the last album I physically bought was Beck "The Information." It came with stickers and a blankish coverdesign so you could design your own cover art. Pretty sweet. And look, here's an article about that same album with some pictures and a few interesting tidbits I never knew. sleevage_beck.jpg Enter Sleevage, a blog wholly dedicated to album art from CD's and LPs.  No reviews of the music, no tissy drama or snarky opinions; its about the art.  And they don't just cut and paste from the web, toss together something and submit it to digg, they actually research this stuff and deliver fascinating details and insights on even the simplest of covers. On a nerdier side, this is also a great use of Wordpress as a CMS, utilizing custom fields and a decent amount of loop styling.