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OLPC XO Finally in Production, Give 1 Get 1 Nov 12

11.08.2007 @ 6:51 PM in Technology
With the long awaited, price bumped, revolutionary XO laptop finally in production by manufacturer Quanta, now's the time to start thinking with a big heart about your Christmas shopping. In 2002, the idea was launched by Nicholas Negroponte to create a low cost ($100) computer that could be distributed across the world and aid in the education of children across the globe. Cause believe it or not, not everyone is on Myspace because not everyone has a computer. After a few setbacks in hardware and design and costs, they settled in November 2006 with the designed they called the XO ("xo" looks like a poor kid who needs a laptop when you look at it sideways, doesn't it?). Dustproof, sustainable, and solar-powerable, the XO can withstand the elements and less than technologically blessed areas around the world where the will be distributed. Distributed, yea... that part. lets get to that. Countries are required to purchase these laptops in the thousands, with Uruguay being the first official orderer for 10,000. and thought the goal was and will eventually be to sell the XO for $100, the price is currently at around $200 (US). Geeks all over were thinking of ways to pose as a little third world kid to get one, so OLPC decided to leverage the power of a geek's wallet: enter Give 1 Get 1. On November 12, you can purchase one XO to go into your grubby little ungrateful hands, and one to the grubby little GRATEFUL hands of someone who needs it. Total cost: $399. T-Mobile has stepped in to sweeten the deal will offer a year's worth of T-Mobile Hot Spot wifi service (get it in: Starbucks, Kinko's, Hotels,) to all G1G1 buyers for a limited time. I'm going to G1G1 this year for christmas. will you?