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Bears say WOOF!

11.03.2007 @ 2:44 PM in Lifestream
Here's a little video I found featuring Buffalo's own Bear icon, Kendall. This is one of Kendall's best songs, "Very catchy" and features some of the Buffalo Bears.Kendall is currently touring with Bears on the Run and from what I've heard, its been a great success and they are having a blast. [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube] a bit of info from Bears On The Run
Over the last few years, outlets like Bear Radio Network, Bearapalooza and WoobieBearMusic, along with a host of supportive bear runs, bars and - most recently - podcasts, have given Bear musicians, songwriters and performers a place to share their talents. This fall, six performers will head out in a van for the first ever Bear tour which will span 12 cities and 7 states including Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma. The tour is called BEARS ON THE RUN and showcases the talents of Bobaloo (a comedian from L.A.), Kendall (a songwriter/performance artist from Buffalo N.Y.), Matthew Temple (a folk singer/songwriter from Nashville, T.N.), Nakia (a Blues singer/songwriter from Austin, T.X.), Elijah Black (a rock singer/songwriter from Akron, OH) and Shannon Grady (a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, M.N.). Along for the ride will be two videographers who will capture performances as well as life backstage and on the road to be edited into a documentary. The tour's founder Shannon Grady (a singer and co-host of the popular podcast bTALK) hopes that the tour will grow and open up doors for other Bear artists and find new audiences for their work.