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It’s Showtime at 1:00pm

09.12.2006 @ 3:04 PM in Technology
10:45am here, and for ahout two hours or so, the iTunes Music Store has been down, and replaced with a taunting screen:
Its Showtime The iTunes Store is being updated.

So.. this can only mean a few things (and btw... Apple is hosting a press conference called "It's Showtime" at 10:00pst, 1:00pm EST, at the Yerba Buena Center in California):

  1. iTunes 7, with the launch of the new iTunes store, offering music, videos, and now movie streaming/downloads/rentals/purchases (one of them for sure, if not all).
  2. A new iPod(s) to celebrate the event. Who wants to use a new service on old tech? Not i. We will see the new colorful metalclad iPod Nanos, and if we are lucky, the well rumored and faked widescreen video iPod. A definite capacity boost all around the iPod board is almost expected.
  3. Core Duo MacBook Pros. Like I can afford one anyway.
  4. OSX 10.4.8... cause we are al jonesing for an update.
  5. Oh, and if Steve-o really wants to give us christmas early, that stupid iPhone we keep seeing patents for.
So... I'll have the good news and dissapointing WTF's after the show.
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