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Halloween’s Over for the grownups

10.29.2007 @ 8:21 PM in Lifestream


Taken 29 Oct '07, 8.36pm EDT PST.

i don't know if I'll ever be able to experience that pure juvenile experience of dressing up and knocking up on folks' doors, mischievously chanting "trick or treat" and holding my bag for impending cavity catalysts.

A good southern baptist boy as a kid we had "harvest festivals," which were a mimic trap for conservative families to escape their children from a national joy. Sure, i bobbed for apples, came home with a sack of sweets, and got to dress up, but I was either David from the Bible, or some impotent pop culture figure sanitized for religious consumption.

Now that I'm grown, Halloween is the earliest Saturday and we still dress up, not to scare but to impress our friends and a panel of bar owners. A trick means we got laid, and a treat is we woke up in our own beds.

Sunday we shower and wash the glitter out of our hair, read the text messages from those whose fates weren't so fortunate as ours ( a friend of mine SMS SOS'd after finding himself cracked out and lost on Main street after leaving his friend's place where he vomited on 65% of the dwelling), and relate the evenings triumph's and dissapointments.

We pass the rest of the days till the the real Halloween comes and goes, tired and jaded from our preemptive strike into debauchery that we scoff at others for enjoying a history unaffected by our previous actions.

i guess I really am kinda jaded. I just want some wax teeth and a few crushed butterfingers bars, is that too much to ask?