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Popping my Woot! Cherry

07.23.2007 @ 9:15 AM in Technology
I've learned one thing now.. If you are trying not to make a very tempting technology purchase, and you seek out someone for empathy and support, make sure that person is not a geek... he will only send you over the edge. I've been eying for a while now, waiting for that perfect item wooted just for me, at the price just for me. For those lucky enough to be unawares, is a site that focuses on selling one product per day (or in a woot-off, one at a time for 24-48 hours) until that item is sold out or time expires. The price on this item is insanely cheap, sometimes over 50% off.


Today's woot was the Roomba Discovery SE. One of the higher end models, the SE sells for $299; woot had it at $149.99. The deal was great, and I always wanted one... To be honest, there is not reason for me not to buy it. Of course, and extra 150 in my pocket would be nice, but now I'll be extra pimp with my robot maid-slave.... cross-posted for sympathy at WNYM