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Stronger (Diplo work is never over)

07.16.2007 @ 12:07 PM in Culture


When I heard Kayne West's "Stronger," I was stuck. I love the Daft Punk, but Kanye juest doesn't cut it for me. Don't get me wrong, its a pretty swinging hip hop track, but I want something I can rock at teh clubs. Enter DJ XoTec. Essentially, Chris is the greatest DJ in this area handsdown. When you hear him spin, most of it is brand new, mixed for the first time right there, just for you. And when he does pull from the realm, its hardly mainstream... thus this weekend(he played at Marcellas last Sat) I found my Stronger solution. The Diplo mix of "stronger" takes the modified Daft Punk hook and gives it center stage, leaving a breakbeat, pop-happy mix that is truly fresh. listen to it over at Analog Giant... diplo@Myspace