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The Stache Bash

07.13.2007 @ 9:25 AM in Culture
God, I love a breeder party. It was a short notice party, mustache required, 80's garb a must; BYOB. I didn't know what to wear so I stopped by Krudmart to find something mildly innapropriate to wear... I found this faux leather jacket over Ramones punk screened T, complete with buttons. It went down hill from there.... Angel's pleather snakeskin pants and a wig we hacked up... cue the angsty poses...


[I'm so not gonna have fun at this fascist party]


[I'm smoking because I don't conform to your healthy lifestyle]


Everyone there either had a real stache, a fake stache, or one drawn on. Girls included... it was hot... maybe about 80 people showed up, beer everywhere, like an old school party with porn stars and Pat Benetars stumbling all over the place. After a while, everyone was drunk, the staches had mostly fallen off, the latent homosexual tendancies of the straight boys and girls escalated into photo ops that Angel quite masterfully captured...


There was this one hot girl... Beth.


She wore a homemade rip-T dress crimped hair and worked her looks to the core.. everyone did really. We were all in character the entire night, with me being the hypocritically social punk introvert...


Oh, and lets not forget the super hot Jay... I made angel snap some pics of him.. he's my hot bear du Jour!


here's one of the Dimmer... and check some more pics on me flickr... Angel has the rest... but we got to get his flickr account fixed (he's a yahoo photo transfer)


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