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I bought a moleskin

07.10.2007 @ 5:26 PM in Technology

moleskin notebook

This is a new project to help me get back to blogging.  You see, I often thing up great ideas of things I wanna write, but often am never near a computer to write them down.  Now I have no excuse as I spare nothing to acquire the muse of the great, the moleskin notebook. A few things I notice about this thing...
  1. Not actually moleskin, despite that being the name... I was hoping to breath in and smell a tanned dead ground-dweller... nope.
  2. The back cover has this sweet little expandable pocket... to hold phone numbers from guys who get woodies from guys who use moleskins.
  3. For 13 bucks, you think they could have bleached the paper a bit... however, its really sweet to write on.
  4. The ribbon bookmark is purple... come on.. purple?
  5. No Spell check - big disappointment here... These people must live under a rock.
ps. I'm redesigning my blog from the ground up... css everything custom.. this is my project so I can do more with WNYMedia's code...  I'll tell you more as I do more...