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From Grumpybear to Husbear?

06.28.2007 @ 11:45 AM in Lifestream


Now before you get your jockstraps in a bundle.... I'm not gonna ask Grumpy to marry me. Its only been eight months, and neither of us are in a position or life stage to handle the possibility... besides, I don't even know if Mike would want to get married to anybody... The point is, that it has been eight months now that I've been with the grump. What started out as a joke to refer to each other as the wife, now seems more and more comfortable. Its the dynamic of our relationship; we don't date or run around the community holding hands... we coexist. We each live our own lives and sleep in separate beds in separate homes, but there is this twisted connection of humor, indecent thoughts, and tech-savvy that makes us the perfect couple. I think if we actually tried to date, we never would have made it this far... we weren't meant to prove our connection or worth to each other, rather fated to accept our match. I think I get the most flack for him... I don't like it but I understand.
"What's a guy like you with someone like him?"
Well.. lets see, it just happened and I'm happy about it.. thanks for asking.. I like more for my money and Mike's more fun than a barrel of monkeys and trickier than a Rubiks cube... He keeps it interesting.
"You need to get rid of him, you can get any guy you want. You deserve way better."
This is normally followed with an equally lame "like me!" to which I respond that I can get any guy I want and I chose him... And to put the record straight, a lot of the bears I crush for are either straight, or not into a skinny guy like me... People don't realize my taste in men puts me in an odd spot... and my taste are, oh I don't know, MY own tastes. Who cares if I wanna date a guy who has a plumbers crack 24/7? I think its super hot and thats what matters... not your tastes, but mine thank you.
"Dude, he's an Asshole"
Ok... and so am I.. besides, you get to see the guy he shows everyone, I get to see the cuddlebear (he has cuddle tourette's, comes in spurts) in his true light. Mike just thinks and acts differently, but he's really saying the same things everyone else is... he's a really smart asshole. And I like the fact I can horseplay with him... I'm dating a guy... if I can't have an Axe (body spray) versus flatulence/screwdriver duel down a flight of stairs.. then I don't wanna be gay. I've never been this happy or madly in love with someone even 6 months down the line. I eagerly wait for a one-year anniversary instead of taking bets on if it will happen. My thoughts are constantly consumed with this man, and he's gotten more expressive of his feelings for me... But still I wait for that one moment... the point when I know I can completely relax and bask in the greatest feeling in the world: when he says "I love you."