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Weekend Update – Hot Bears, CSS, and 1408

06.24.2007 @ 12:43 PM in Lifestream
Hey guys... I'm trying my hardest to get back in the swing of things... I have another blog to write for so now I have to mix up the content between both... expect the stuff at WNYM to be more news/techy.. while the stuff here will get a bit more of the personal gizz... i'll have a special feed soon that combines both though it ya'll should so desire....  Hot Bears

Steve and Andy

This weekend, I finally got to meet Steve and Andy, one of the hottest bear couples I've ever seen. It was Steve's 37th birthday and they came down to Buffalo from Cleveland to spend night ruckusing it up with the bears at Buddies II..  I got my bear hugs in and birthday smooches and we all ended up at Towne for some late night eats and innapropriate food jokes.  I only wish Grumpybear was able to ditch the nipplegetter long enough to join us...  CSS I got more of the theme switched over to my tastes and got the snap page and contact page styled over to the new look. I made a cute little sending animation to let you know the ajax is doing its thing. Try it Out!  1408  Eric wanted to see a movie last night;  and the Dispon downtown is closest to us. Only problem is that a lot of local kids go and tend to cause a ruckus. Lets just say I'm not going there on a Saturday night to see a horror movie again. 1408 was that kind of deep horror that makes you wonder how its going to end and then get dissapointed the ending was happy. Starring John Cusack and Samual L "Snakes on a Motherfuckin Plane" Jackons, 1408 is about a certain hotel who's haunted room by the title's name kills every overnighter after the first hour.  Great visuals, but the plot was the same, stay strong, flip out, super twist, more crazy, get revenge on evil room.  Still, go see it.