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Should you wait for the iPhone?

06.21.2007 @ 9:48 AM in Technology


For the past three months, I've gotten so many "are you getting and iPhone?" and "Ooh Man, I wanna get an iPhone," that my response has been memorized and dropped to a single word... Wait. I'm a Mac and a PC.. just call me Boot Camp or Mister Parallels... there is no PC1337 or mac-fanboy in me.. I just love good tech. Apple always manages to come out with a great product and wow the world with innovative user interfaces and intuivity(is that a word? is now). The only issue is that Apple will do everything in its power to control the quality of its product and to ensure compatibility across the board... hardware is locked down.. forcing you to deal. The upside is you get updates most of the time once a year on hardware and software updates spaced in between. Hence what is going to happen with the iPhone. Click here to continue reading this on