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Step into the footure

06.19.2007 @ 7:54 PM in Technology
Almost nobody enjoyed my little blast to the past with the ASCII theme I've been running for the past month... Some wanted the gay back, all wanted the black gone, and most of ya wondered why the hell I haven't posted much but SNAP!'s lately. is re-launched... finally.. got a lot o bugs to work on and content to start posting over on.. but I'm gonna cross post a lot and start to build up the tech cred.. hence the title of the Technological Homosexual.  Its my moniker for WNYM and seems perfect name for my site. I know its all hopes and promises that I'll start posting more, but really I mean it this time. Look, i put some flickr pictures down yonder to the right, my twitter tweets are on the left, recent comments, posts.. not to mention I spent a few good hours hacking up the wonderful (but green) theme created by  Still got a bit more to do.. but ya get the point. I also have an idea for a new blog thats a bit... well... lets just say its called "Letters to my Gay Sons." My gay sons... you know what it is...