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Bucky behind bars again, no pigs splattered.

09.09.2006 @ 3:49 AM in Lifestream
What an uneventful end. They caught the bastard, at like 8pm or so on the NY-PA border. Not much to say else but he gave up willingly and exhaustedly. One news source called him a wimp. Why? Because he didn't "splatter Chautauqua County with Pigs" like he promised? Sheesh, not everything is like Law/Order. I remember growing up in NC, we had Eric Rudolph. He escaped and we were looking all over for him for years. This guy was just like Bucky, but more of a mountain man. One day someone found him dead propped up next to a dumpster or something. Oh well, life goes on. what a bloggful night this has been.