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Blake Lewis Beatboxing on iTunes

05.24.2007 @ 2:36 PM in Lifestream
Blake Lewis did what no other contestant has ever done: got me to watch the show. I came in at the end of the contest, free and clear of the Sanjaya nightmare. I didn't want Blake to win. The Scott Krippayne (He's an old Jesus'er, creates pure contemporary fluff) winning single would have made Blake Disappear faster than Clay Aiken from after Idol. So what's in store for the beatboxing stage owning runner-up...? A career, plain and simple. He gets to create his own album, his own songs, and work with whomever he wants. I really hope he touches up his song "She Loves the Way" and releases it.. check it out here.... [youtube]ecdA_BvXEwo[/youtube] But a little wiki'ing and searching showed up a published compilation with Q-bert, on the beatbox album Human Element: the world's First Human Beatbox Compilation. its track 10 ("Interlude" or "High for the Ride - Sea of Green") Under the name Bshorty, you can hear Blake introduce Q-bert and then work in his talent with the master...


I found the album first on emusic... and on iTunes, but with no mention of Lewis and touched-up track names. I bought it, its pretty sweet, but won't hold me long to wait for Blake's Album.