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Weekend Update – Psycho de Mayo

05.07.2007 @ 4:08 PM in Lifestream
Today's update will be delivered in an ordered list... the only organization I will be successful in this week.
  1. Friday - Went to the Sabres Game 5 against the Rangers... Best Game Evah. Thanks to my good new friend Andy Kulyk for hooking me up. Went to the club to work... passed out from 3:15-3:45am... exaustion shows it's first sign.
  2. Saturday - Showed up at Marcellas at 2pm.. assumedly to help decorate for a first communion party to be held at 6pm. No clue why any one would want to hold a communion party for a little girl at a club that has lips for urinals... all I know is four hours later, I unintentionally merge from setup crew to party worker.. manage the hors d'oeuvres and bus tables till 9pm. Exaustion is real on all our faces... yet we all worked our asses off and the party was a smash.. despite having to endure the macarena.  I go home and change at 9:30.. coming back only to spend time with Grumpybear and relax... Eli, our trusty barback, is near death with exhaustion, or so he claims.. my previous offer to help him barback turns into ne covering for him completely, disregarding the fact that I'm tired as well.. Eli seems to think that a barback's job does not include long hours, under-appreciationand prolonged exertion.  By the end of the night, I log 14 hours at the club... This is the last time I am going to save Eli's ass.. I leave him a "fuck you" mess for taking advantage of me.
  3. Sunday - I curl up close to Grumpybear, his body working the magic of erasing the previous week and filling me with renewed energy... that results in glorious sex (twice that night betches!) and a good nights rest. The morning brings breakfast with Mum-ra (Grumpy's mom); Mike and I have plans to piss the day away. We decided to help Mum-ra and her man-slave, Mark, cut down some trees. I manage to fall in a ridicoulously absurd manner, thus possibly breaking my pinky.... pinkie.jpg After a enjoyably lazy day with Mike, I head back to Marcellas... Eli is in a mood, yet no one cares because he left early last night, while the rest of the party workers that overflowed into the regular night had to stay.
  4. Monday - Pinkie hurts like hell.. I probably will not go to the Dr. If it heals crooked that just means I can get the hard to reach boogers... Only downside is that I have to pour through a lot of php code and write some css.. that requires the ";:/\" keys that that pinkie's job is to press.