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MacBook Joins the Club of Igniting Laptops…or does it?

09.08.2006 @ 11:48 PM in Technology
You bastard... So... Eric, AKA Vanquish2005, is a fun-loving Aston Martin Vanquish driving, Apple hating individual. He send some pics over to gizmodo about his macbook that mysteriously caught on fire... twice, and set his hand on fire, too. Here is his exibit A:
via gizmodo- Reader Eric has a little problem with his MacBook. The bottom left corner of the screen managed to somehow catch on fire, in turn toasting the entire left side of his notebook. Oddly enough, it doesn't seem that this problem was caused by an overheating battery. Eric said the employees at the Apple Store were shocked and told him to contact AppleCare, which was closed at the time. What the hell is going on with all of these laptops? It must be a sign of the times that I am now nervous when using my own laptop. Apple will surely replace his laptop, but I am still concerned about what caused this incident. Time for another recall methinks. Thanks, Eric.
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