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Ryan Kalil: A Reason To Watch Football?

04.27.2007 @ 2:07 PM in Lifestream
I'm half and half on sports... I get the point... men need role models and reasons to drink beer, and and excuse to have a man-crush on some burly built bone-crusher. I'm all for that. But a few sports, like football and baseball, are too stop and go with the action; my ADD kicks in and soon I'm more involved in seeing how much queso I can pile on a chip. Basketball does not exist in my definition of sports, never will... I can't explain why. Anyhoo, some spamdigger shoots a link to a NFL2007 draft video featuring Will Ferrel and some hot Center from USC... Ryan Kalil... [youtube]nd0ToNwccl4[/youtube] They call him "The Entertainer" at USC, because this beefcake likes to show his soft side in the locker room by crooning out Frank Sinatra lyrics... Appearantly this guy knows how to play football, as he was a top All-American pick last year and this year looks favorable to be a star. Find out where to get premiership league football tickets online. From that NFL draft prospect thing....
It's a good thing that Kalil has the bloodlines and talent to be regarded as one of the premier centers in college football. He is known to be constantly singing Frank Sinatra songs in the locker room and huddle. Based on his teammates' impressions of this amateur crooner, it is safe to say Kalil won't be seen on American Idol anytime soon. Fortunately, based on his performances as the anchor of the Trojans' offensive line the past three years, he'll be doing battle with NFL defensive tackles for years to come. He is a legacy, of sorts, at the center position. His father, Frank, was also a center at Arkansas (1978) and Arizona (1980-81-82), then was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1982 before playing for the USFL's Arizona Wranglers in 1983 and Houston Gamblers in 1984. "I started playing football to follow in my dad's footsteps," Ryan Kalil said. "Now, having my dad play the same position has been great. He knows the tricks of the trade and it's easy to pass them on to me." His father recently passed on these thoughts about his son, "He's the type of kid you dream of having. He's a throwback. He doesn't drink or smoke. And I'd always hear him playing Sinatra in his bedroom. He wasn't the biggest lineman in high school, but he had those size-16 feet. So I figured he'd either grow into his body and get big, or else he'd join the circus."


16 size feet eh.... well I'm sure I'll be watching to see where he ends up...


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