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Cashing in a Karma Card/Mark Spotting

09.07.2006 @ 1:12 AM in Buffalo
Sometimes, karma is my secret weapon. With school starting, comes new bus schedules, new drivers, and a rampant influx of teenage hormones wearing the latest mannequin from Aero. Supposedly, two blocks is far too long of a walk to City Honors; we might scuff the new Nikes we'll only wear for a week. So... I get off work and walk toward my bus stop. Basically, my bus stop is wherever on Lincoln Ave that me and the bus meet up. Its called a courtesy stop, a driver told me they do it in the suburbs. I like it that way, saves me from the possibility of not gettin picked up on Walden, where the official stop is. Well, the new driver for the 6C wasn't fond of the courtesy stop idea. After stopping 20 feet past my location, he proceeds to insist that I wait for him at the "official" stop on walden from now on. I curse him to a polka-dot and plaid Barry Manilow hell under my breath. Pulling up to a stop near walden and bailey, karma cashes in a favor for me and the driver swipes a parked blazer as he nears the curb. The bus rocks and the blazer loses a few teeth. My act of karma was not totally free, as I had to endure running for my 20H transfer downtown because of the delay. But the icing on the cake was when I got to fill out a card with my information so the NFTA could call me to give details on the happening. I won't have to lie when I tell them the bus driver was an ass that day. On a fuzzy note, I saw Mark again! Me and Brent were walking down Elmwood and I saw him tutoring a guy on Bidwell. Mark is the man-love of Jennifer, a lovely Buffalo blogger gal. I saw him in starbucks a few weeks ago for the first time. I never met any of them, but its good to know that the people I read about in blogs actually exist. And maybe I like stalking cute guys?
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