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Latina’s bare shelves soon to be empty

04.25.2007 @ 4:09 PM in Buffalo

Latina's bare shelves

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 27 Mar '07, 3.47pm AST PST.

Latina's Foodland will be closing its doors for good on Saturday, ending what was just under two years of service to the downtown Elmwood region. Monday, customers were greeted with a sign notifying of reduced hours and the eventual shutdown after business on Saturday.

I knew it was happening, we all kinda did. I took this picture in the middle of March, fed up with finding the aisles half empty week after week. we (the customers) kept asking if they were closing, but we'd get the same lame excuse that shipments were hard to get in...

I guess I can go to Wilson Farms for the basics... and if needed.. I could take the bus to Target, or even Tops... but a lot of people in the area can't travel that far and depend on Latina's...

But it can't be helped... the store will be closed, and yet another shell will mark the block for some time to come... the question is how long before we get a new grocery again?