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Be Buffawhat’s Neighbor, And Possibly Housemate!

04.20.2007 @ 7:09 PM in Buffalo


Do you love me so much that stalking just isn't enough... ever wish for the opportunity to collect my toenail clippings to complete your shrine to my glory? Or perhaps you are looking for a way to kill me in my sleep, and wear my face like a halloween mask... Well, completing any of these tasks could get a hell of a lot easier with the Nickel City Co-op now accepting applications for housemates in July-August.


Located perfectly on the corner of North and Elmwood, the Granger Mansion was designed by E.B Green at the turn of the century.  Inside, you'll find the hard work of dozens of housemates, past and present; the restored mansion shows life from every person involved.


Living in the house brings a sense of community, belonging, and is simply the hippest place to live on Elmwood. I've been a neighbor of this fine establishment for almost a year. I was quite suprised to find that inside, the walls were not made of tufo, yet the people were made of soul.  Through community involvement and local partnerships with food-growers and suppliers, living in the co-op is also benefits area you live in as well.


Stop by sometime, open potlucks are every wednesday starting at 7pm. I hope to be moving from the crack house to the co-op this summer. Be my neighbor, or be my housemate, either way check it out. Nickel City Housing Co-op 
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