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take ten and call me in the morning

04.18.2007 @ 7:45 PM in Lifestream
pills I've finally succumbed to whatever has been sitting in my chest this last week or so... People who know me know that I take the worst care of myself.. I refuse to go to the doctor despite the fact that 56 bucks a month is pulled from my paycheck for health insurance. It normally takes someone close to yell at me to get me going... The winter kills me... coupled with a cat that I'm allergic to, and being in and out of the damp cold... its a wonder I'm not worse off. But GrumpyBear is sick too, with a nasty chest inflammation to boot. I don't want him to have to go back to the doctor with no insurance if I'm just gonna get him sick again. So with that thought and his worries for my health I'm gonna hit up the Lifetime Health Center downtown... I'm really an idiot... great health insurance, preferred health center two blocks from home, and I do nothing for my health. p.s. Mike has been especially loving to me this week... I don't know if the cold knocked some of the cunt out of him, or the fact that it will soon be six months that we've been together... I've never been so happy with the guy... I've never grown to love someone so much.