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Pay it forward!

04.13.2007 @ 6:18 PM in Lifestream
inhale_0001 Originally uploaded by widespreadcub. Taken 23 Mar '07, 9.08pm AST PST.
Today has been such a refreshing day... I guess a lot of things have done it... One of my participants came back today from being off for a bit... when one runs up to you, yells he misses you and remembers he has computer class.. it makes everything worth it. Especially when you see that he's back to being the guy everyone, including him, loved. Angel, thanks for interceding for me to your spirits... I feel something... Oh,, and because of my particular good mood, and being payday and all.. I was finally able to "pay it forward" from the flickr pro account I was gifted a while back from Mike. I Pro'd a cute cub named Andy... partly because he had about 135 pictures that were hidden and partly cause he's such a hot bear du jour! I encourage anyone who was gifted a Pro account to do the same... pass the love of photos around...