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Search Query Fun

04.13.2007 @ 2:20 PM in Lifestream


[ The top 6 search engines that refer me ]

Every now and then, i look at my re.invigorate stats to see what fun searches have led unsuspecting surfer to my blog... here's some of the latest referrals.
  • "tr_knight" -my most recent search referral, it seems that TR Knight has a few fans in Turkey, and my one post on the guy warrants a nummer two listing under a gay pride site. ›› view post
  • "scum white" - I don't know if its because someone else was interested in the shirt that I bought for the black party... but the interconnection was nice seeing that krudmart was at the top, where I bought the shirt, and two pages away I get a click too. ›› view post (referred to main page)
  • "'what i've done' screencaps" - One of at least three searches for the new linkin park single post. I get no comments ever, but I know posting screen caps and lyrics are always sure to get people to stop by... however search referrals from India tend to scare me and make me check my security over... *side note.. India has a shitty internet connection I've been told... ›› view post
  • "stupid things to do in the dollar store" - a priceless search... who knew that dollar store hunting was a popular sport? ›› view post
  • "chubby chasers gay" - I'm not a chubby chaser.. though thats my "label" in the community... I don't have a fat fetish.. I'm just greedy... i want more bang for my buck... when you date a bigger, hairier guy, you get a free pillow and you'll never be cold in bed. It does have a downside I guess... I've managed to acquire a slight hernia from the "intimacies" that me and Grumpy Bear share. ›› view post
  • buffawhat - when people search for your name, it means they've heard about you... and when the search comes from Canada... You become an international rock star... I'm serious.. I have a studded belt and everything now... ›› referred to homepage