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Now for some real gummies

04.11.2007 @ 2:26 PM in Culture
Angel and I were browsing through the candy section of Walgreens after a movie last night... continuing my thoughts and discussion on how the candy industry is changing and evolving to cater to the pint size black holes we call kids. I don't even think its the taste any more... kids want action...  I noticed that bubblegum tape now acts as a "secret message sender" with the ability to stamp letters on that two inch strip of gum you begrudgingly let your pal have.  Gummy worms now have a pair of lighted forceps to pick up that worm and "watch the gummies glow!" The new confection-contraptions trigger nostalgia, and we head to the old-farts candy section... where the boston baked beans and licorice dots hang in 5oz bags. I pick up some Gummi Bears and Happy Colas, from Haribo, of course.