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The things you find a the Dollar Store

04.09.2007 @ 10:48 PM in Buffalo
Oftentimes when rec events at work leave us with a bit of time before the vans come, we take the participants over to the Dollar Store to grab something... candy aisle is normally first... and the staff normally lead... especially Kirk.  I'm browsing and I notice some gummi creations/concoctions that not even the mighty brave stomach of Kirk could handle: gummi cookies with chocolate chips, gummi icing and what appeared to be apricots were the actual "cookie" pieces. As we shake our heads and turn to leave the aisle, I spot paydirt......gummiratz.jpg Kirk is intrigued.. I'm on collector mode for my office... I grab two packs and head with the group outside... digging with my keys to pry a little rodent out for me and Kirk, it seems every piece of the packaging is trying to agree with common sense: don't eat this mess... Kirk goes first, his face gives that stupid grin compounded by the gummi rodent  his teeth are trying so hard to bite through... "Oh man this is bad..... ok.. well.. not too bad... but definitely not good." I go for one and almost lose a tooth... the taste is like stale grape juice, but the consistency is like a jello jiggler left out for a week.... Who the hell cares anyways... its a fricken gummi rat... bought at the Dollar Store... now hanging in my office, with a half opened pack just eager to sic the poor beast on unsuspecting co-workers