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Raleigh’s “LED City” not only cheaper, but brighter and safer?

03.30.2007 @ 3:18 PM in Technology
I'm a Buffalo boy now, but sometimes I just have to pat my old state (NC) on the back when they do something good...


When Raleigh officials announced in February that they were rolling out an LED lit city in hopes of using less energy, little did they know that the lights would also make people feel safer. In a recent survey from Cree, the local RTP based company who created the LED's for the city, results showed that an overall feeling of safety from commuters was increased by %76 when the new lights were installed in a parking garage.

Raleigh Garage Before and After

the people of Raleigh also felt for the most part that the lights were brighter and made the parking deck look cleaner. I'm gonna call up the old ex in Raleigh and ask him what he thinks. Via Engadget