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Kevin Smith (and me) Talks about Bears

03.30.2007 @ 2:16 PM in Lifestream
No, not pandas or kodiaks, but men. Real men... furry or smooth, but most often with a belly and a bit of a bulge, the bear community stands out from the rest for me. I guess I like em because not only can they sew curtains, but they can fix the sink under em as well. I like a bear because when I curl up with grumpy bear, I know I have something to hold on to. he keeps me warm and when he grabs me and holds me tight, I feel drawn into him completely, like I'm a part of him. Mebbe I'm greedy too; I want more bang for my buck (ha!). Mebbe its because I'm from the south and the good ole boy always turned my head. Either way, I can't sexually be attracted to any guy that doesn't possess "grab handles" or a bit of fuzz. I'm no chubby chaser, I just like guys that have a bit more. It's rough being skinny and going for the bears, too. Some are very closed circled, only into other guys of the same girth. I get a lot of flack from the "twinks" too, they think because I'm skinny and "cute" that I should flock to them and date in their little cesspool. My favorite comment... "You can get any guy you want, why do you wanna date someone like that?" My Response... "I can get any guy I want (for now, at least), and I want to date some one like that" So Anyways, here's Kevin Smith (from the Jay and Silent Bob Movies, oh and that stupid Jersey Girls) talking about bears, the guys that love em, and his [hot] gay bear friend, Malcolm Ingram. Oh, and I'd do Kevin Smith, too.

Kevin Smith and Malcolm Ingram