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iTunes rolls out Complete My Album

03.29.2007 @ 2:39 PM in Technology
99cents a song isn't bad, but that 9.99 an album can often be a deal. But, what happens if you already own a few of the songs from that album, and now you want the whole thing?  Before, it was that little inner struggle... get the whole album, save money and possibly hate the rest of the songs, or just get the music you want and risk spending more dough if later on you want it all. Ok, maybe just me, but it gets annoying. Obviously, I'm talking about iTunes and the iTMS... Today, Apple announced a solution to the song rebuy dilemma with "Complete My Album."  If you own a song from the album list, iTS will credit you $0.99 towards the purchase of the album....  Here's my example...


 I own "Dancing Box (Featuring TTC)" from Modeselektor's "Hello Mom (iTunes Version)" release.  Regular price on the album is $9.99 (for 14 tracks.. which is the deal in buying the albums). However, since I own a track already, iTS tells me I can buy it for $9.00. Notice the experation date, Apple only gives you 180 days to change your mind and get the discount... If you need more than that to get into the rest of the Hello Goodbye album, you prolly won't like it.  Of course, Apple also gives you the undeniable right to buy the whole album at full price at any time, as well as letting you know which songs you already own. From the press release..
“Music fans can now round out their music collections by upgrading their singles into complete albums with just one click, and get full credit for those songs they have previously purchased from iTunes,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes. “Complete My Album is a wonderful new way that iTunes helps customers grow and enjoy their music collections.” “iTunes continues to revolutionize the digital music industry by offering music fans innovative ways to explore and enjoy new music,” said Thomas Hesse, president, Global Digital Business and US Sales, Sony BMG Music Entertainment. “With Complete My Album, iTunes is giving music fans the best of both worlds—the ability to discover great new music by buying just the single and a credit toward the purchase of the complete album.”
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