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Sailors, Starbucks, and Bears, Oh my!

08.27.2006 @ 10:13 PM in Lifestream
Sometimes a weekend just flies by and you don't have time to post about all the hellish things you did. henceforth is the weekend synopsis. Friday Not being a payday, this means I get to watch the last of my money get tossed at meaningless events and occasions. I think buying food costs more money than paying bills. I elect to stop eating all together; a sound financial decision. Brent and I get invited to a wine party by one of his Starbucks partners, Dave. Dave is a super-hot, scruffy, ex-figure skater with a girlfriend. I'd hate to see anything happen to his girlfriend; I hear she is prone to accidents. We almost don't go, but Brent's "Carrie" tells us she is wearing spandex and cowboy boots. We get there at 11:30. About 8 others were there; I was the only non-partner. It didn't really matter, as everyone's Starskills flew out the window soon after midnight. Unfortunately, I have to refrain from posting details of exactly what happened due to all the details being potentially damaging and unLegendary. At some point, Frizzy's became the after party of choice. Six of us head out from Depew to Allentown. Someone paints the interior of her friend's car, and our group drops to four.
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