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Fine, Fine, I’ll Twitter Too

03.28.2007 @ 9:00 PM in Technology


So, the latest bandwagon is Twitter: the new form of "ZOMG! WHT RU DOIN? ORLY? K THX!" for the web, your phone, or your OSX Dashboard. Twitter is based around tweets, which are short (14o characters max) bits of information relevant to whatever you are doing at the time. You can text or IM your tweets, as well as updating from the Twitter site itself. With the API tools released, Twitter now makes it possible to send a tweet from anything. Enter in your mobile number and Twitter instantly becomes a tag-your-it game of "this is what I'm doing, what are you doing" with sms notification from everone that you are following tweets from. I've dropped a plugin to display my latest tweet on the sidebar under that cute picture of me. Sign up and start following my tweets!