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Jeebus, I hate confrontations

03.28.2007 @ 8:21 PM in Lifestream
Plain and simple. If you are the person directly involved in signing my check, and you come to talk to me, don't expect a lively conversation. Its just how I am... The executive director of our agency just paid me a visit... It's after 4( means I'm not getting paid to be here), and I'm piddling around on the computer. Immediately, the death chills come over me and my face lights on fire. Its no big deal; I'm not in trouble. In fact, the purpose of the visit was to apologize for the disconnection I've received from the agency as a result of my direct supervisor, Susan leaving house. Doesn't matter, agency issues and the"she signs my check" aspect of her renders me a complete mess. Nothing like bursting into tears mind you, thats only to get out of speeding tickets. The nervousness should go away... as with Susan gone, I've been bumped into dealing with more of the higher ups on a direct level. Eh, if you are going to run a program, you have to be prepared to talk to the uppers. I should prolly just buck up.