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Does It Count As a Fight If You Like The Resolution?

03.23.2007 @ 6:24 PM in Lifestream
Mike and I had a absolutely great time at Blue Man. The tickets I bought had a great view, but I should have gone with my first choice and bought floor seats. As part of the "Rock Movement Series" they introduced an opening act: Mike Relm. Mike is nor ordinary skratch DJ; he combines a unique and underused tool in the DJ industry.. the Pioneer DVJ-1000. for those that don't know too much about dj audio equipment. a DVJ-1000 is a turntable for DVD's and video. Mike blends video, sound, and his Reservoir Dogs appearance into one of the best DJ sessions you'll ever see... check this out... [youtube]xvn0-IonTA8[/youtube] So anyway... about the blog title... Throughout the night, Mike and I talked in spurts about little bits of the relationship that needed adjustments; nothing major, just figuring out things. The end of the night, however, came with the usual me in bed waiting for an hour and a half for mike to come join me. He wasn't playing WoW, just surfin the web. He does this, every night I stay over. I found myself doing the most loathesome as I nagged him to bed. When he finally climbed in, his mood was not conducive to cuddling, kissing, sex... then my mood took a turn. It seems that everytime we have a discussion, an argument, or whatever, it gets worked out somehow. I always end up in his arms at night, more in love and more confident that we will work. It takes patience, I won't lie. This isn't a conventional relationship, and Mike doesn't use conventional forms of communication. I used to long to hear the words "I love you" from him; but I never have. It doesn't matter any more... because Mike's never told anyone he loves them, its not his style. He shows how he feels through his actions, the way his mood is, and the way he reacts around me. I've come to value a hand on my lap above the greatest of poetic love affirmations. Oh, and how did we work out last night? I'm always in bed first, and ready for bed (or sex!). Mike needs a while to wind down and torment people online. Well, that conflicts, and unless I find something on TV to watch or a game to play, I'm left waiting for Mike, getting impatient, and getting naggy. The one thing I want is Mike, and mainly intimate time with him. So we came to an agreement, he can spend as long as he wants at night on the computer, or playing a game or watching TV. When he gets done, no matter what time it is, is SEX time. If I'm asleep, he wakes me up. mmmm... groggy startled awake sex.....