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Blue Man comes to HSBC on Thursday, not Tuesday

03.20.2007 @ 7:04 PM in Lifestream


From a chat with the grumpy Bear over a month ago:
Me: BlueMan is coming to HSBC on March 22... GrumpyBear: ooh Me: Wanna go? Tickets are 100 bucks each.. GrumpyBear: Who do we gotta blow? Me: No one, you just have to be nice to me GrumpyBear: forget it
So, I got the tickets. I wanted it to be special, however its never a good idea to suprise the grumpy bear because he has a unique ability to foil most anything. So, I told him he was going... that he didn't have to spend a dime or do anything. The only thing I did was pound into him that on March 20, a Tuesday, he better be frickin off work and ready to be there at 7:00, or I'd cut his nuts off. Everything was planned; dinner if we had time, and if work cut it close, I'd just meet Mike at the resturant and we'd walk to the HSBC Center together. Tuesday, at 7:00. Tuesday, Tuestday, Tuesday. I looked at the tickets, I checked dates, everywhere I looked and everytime I mentioned it: Blue Man Group on March 20, a Tuesday. Mike calls me up last Friday to tell me its Thursday. Oops. Now he tells me that he might not be out of work in time on Thursday. I remind him that his testicles are in danger of castration, and he reminds me that I'm an idiot. I know he wants to go, I got the tickets for him, all of this for him. Mike likes chaos; it wouldn't be an enjoyable evening for him unless I'm freaking out that he'll be late, or might not make it. Did I ever mention how much I love him? I don't know what made me bugger the date, I have a tendancy to mess up at least one major detail when it comes to planning important things. So, Mike, you're going mother fucker, like it or not. Be ready by 6:30 or your ass is mine (isn't it anyways?).