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Sai One Brings White Boy to Buffalo

03.16.2007 @ 8:09 PM in Buffalo
[fa:p:t=angelshouse,id=422748126,,s=m,l=p] Not this whiteboy, I'm already old goods here... but the shirt... oh the shirt. Everybody loves a big cock. A pure word-of-mouth line, White Boy is all about the wearer's style and attitude. What people think is the last thing on his mind. White Boy is not about color it is about standing out in whatever you do, pushing the limits, and taking matters into your own hands. Worn and repped by stars such as Tommy Lee, Jessica Alba, Chester from Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, White Boy now has the unique opportunity to make its mark on a city thats full of its own attitude. Angel brought in more than just White Boy, peep the pics below and check out his store on Elmwood and Bryant, next to Solid Grounds. [fa:p:t=saione,id=422750216,j=l,s=sq,l=p][fa:p:t=saione,id=422750060,j=l,s=sq,l=p][fa:p:t=saione,id=422750117,j=l,s=sq,l=p]

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