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The Optimus Maximus: for $1500 makes you total 133t, and poor

03.15.2007 @ 7:55 PM in Technology


The folks at Art.Lebedev gaves us some new pictures along with an updated pricetag to the vaporphillic and newly named Optimus Maximus Keyboard. $1490 will get you 114 fully customizable 32x32 pixel OLED keys that can be customized with anything you want.


Keys are replacable for ten bucks if you break one, but to help prevent that, the key is a clear cap that slides over the OLED to help minize wear and tear.


The Optimus will be able to store your keyboard layouts internally. The included software easily lets you change functions for every key and change images as well.


Ten extra function keys have been added to allow you to access some of your most favorite prgrams, information, or whatever, without having to sacrifice any of your standard key layouts.


Art.Lebedev will start to take pre-orders at the end of the month. Can't afford the $1490? The Optimus will also be released with less customizable keys for less money... but why not go for the gold? You'd never forgive yourself would you? You have time to think, ships in dec.